Declutter Series : Kitchen Purge Edition

New Years is typically a time for change. This year, my change is to live as more of a minimalist. Clutter has been a point of contention in my home for a while now. We have too much unnecessary clutter in all areas of out home. So this year I am determined to declutter this home and simplify our lives!

declutter your kitchen fast and easy.

The Pantry Declutter

The first area of my house to undergo the purge was my kitchen. This was a large undertaking because I know I had let it get pretty bad. I just put on some music and started to declutter.  I started with the pantry. It had become a cluttered mess over time and it was difficult to find what i needed.


Pantry Before

I started out by taking EVERYTHING out of the pantry. This was quite a task and ended up taking a little more time to declutter than I had anticipated. That might be because every time my daughter would see something I was taking out she would ask to eat it. After I had gotten everything off of the shelves, I wiped them all down and started going through what I had. Anything that was expired I tossed out. Food that  was good but I know I wouldn’t use was given away to friends.. I also made use of some bins that I had purchased from the Dollar Tree to store snacks and other smaller items.  Dollar Tree bins are great because they allow me to get rid of bulky packaging, and the bins are only a dollar!

Pantry After

The Spice Cabinet Declutter

I felt so much better after the pantry was cleaned out, but that was just the first part of my kitchen organization journey. Next I moved on to the spice cabinet, where everything was just thrown in there and a terrible mess. Once again, everything was moved out onto the counters so I could wipe down the cabinets and see what all I had.


All the Spices Pulled Out

Turns out I had a TON of duplicates that i needed to declutter. Two half empty bottles of the same thing, so I married them together to save on space. Some of these had been expired for a while because they got pushed to the back of the cabinet to die. After throwing away what was expired and marrying half empty bottles together, I was able to organize everything into more Dollar Tree bins and put everything back in the cabinet. The long Dollar Tree bins are excellent for spices because it allows you to pull out a bin at a time when you need to use some of the spices and keeps the cabinet from becoming a cluttered mess!


Spice Cabinet After

The Refrigerator Declutter

The last area that needed a good cleaning was my refrigerator and freezer. I started the process once more of taking out all of the products to declutter them, cleaning the shelves, and putting what I was keeping back in an orderly manner. This time I had my little daughter helping me, she really enjoys cleaning (she did not get that from me).

The refrigerator and freezer were probably the worst, as you can see. They really needed a good cleaning, and I am pretty sure there was leftovers in the back of the fridge that had been there for way too long! There was also some seriously sticky mess on the shelf, but with some good cleaning products and elbow grease I was able to get it right off!


Best Cleaning Products Ever

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I like to switch it up between the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Spray and the Method All Purpose Spray. Both products are great at cleaning but the major benefit is that they are safe products to have around kids and pets. I never really thought much about my products until I had kids, but after becoming a mother I really started looking into my products and decided it was time to start using products that I felt more confident in. You never know when a small kid is going to try to spray some in their own face or mouth, because you know that’s what little kids do.   Along with the sprays I have recently started using Skoy Cloth. They have really awesome Scrubbies and Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth. They have pretty much replaced the rest of my cleaning clothes and sponges.

After scrubbing out my refrigerator and refilling it, my purging and cleaning extravaganza was just about over!


Last think I had to do was clean my baker’s rack and clean my floors. My baker’s rack had, for a long time, been used as a catch all. There was a lot in there that needed to go. Most of the stuff I had been holding onto was perfectly usable, but I had no need for it. So I packed up what I did not want and hauled it off to donate.


I absolutely despise mopping and sweeping, but I recently purchased this nifty Bissell Symphony , which makes the whole process so much easier. It steam mops and vacuums at the same time, cutting floor cleaning time in half! I keep the tank filled with water and put a floor cleaner directly on the floor. This helps sanitize and make the whole room smell amazing! If you are anything like me and hate cleaning, definitely look into one of these spiffy mops.


Best Invention EVER! Stay tuned for a full review!

All in all the kitchen purge was a success! I need to go back to the Dollar Tree and grab a few more bins to use in the pantry. Even so, I feel better walking into my kitchen now! A weight has been lifted and I am loving it! I am ready to take on the rest of this house now!

Do YOU have any cleaning tips or organizational hacks that you like to use?  Leave them for me in the comments below!


  1. fattymccupcakes says:

    This makes me want to tackle my kitchen too! I HAVE to get that magical floor cleaner! Most of my floors in the house are tile and it’s back-breaking work to sweep and then mop! Ugh! The worst!

  2. KizimKouture says:

    Your kitchen looks brilliant, well done. I seem to love clutter a bit too much aswell, I am a very bad hoarder. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. Hopefully it will inspire me to follow your lead!

  3. Christina says:

    This is super inspiring! All I can think about now is cleaning out my kitchen… and bathroom and probably the closet could use a declutter too. Definitely adding it to the To Do List!

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