An Open Letter to the Best Friend I Never See

Dear Best Friend,

We were inseparable growing up; peas in a pod. You never saw one of us without the other. We went through it all together. The growing pains, love, heartbreak, death and new life for all of it we were there for each other. Somewhere along the way we grew up and our lives took different paths. I got married, I had babies, but you were still there my ever constant friend. As time passed we saw less and less of each other, but that loving friendship never died. While you work, I am home raising children. While you are in school, I am toiling away at online classes. They say when you have children, you tend to lose the friends who do not have them yet, but I don’t feel like that is the case. You have been there, in your own way, for me through the birth of both of my little miracles. While we don’t get together as often anymore, not a day goes by that I do not think about you. I believe you think about me as well.

When we do manage to make time for each other it is like no time has passed. We pick up right where we left off, laughing and reminiscing about old times, back when we had not a care in the world nor the burden of adult responsibilities. I want you to know I hold nothing against you. I love you with all of my being and will until the end of time. You are my best friend, and nothing can change that. We are in different stages in our lives, and that is okay, it has happened before and will probably happen again. We always find our way back to one another. No matter how much time has passed I know that I could call you in the middle of the night and you would be there for me when I need you most, and that gives me comfort. While I don’t see you as much as I would like to, I know that one day our paths will again merge and it will be as if nothing has changed.

Again, I love you because you are my best friend. I yearn for the days past when we could get together at the drop of a hat, but those days are long passed and now we have busy schedules to work with, but know that I will always be there for you. Rain or shine, hell of high water, you are my best friend until the bitter end and I will always have a special place for you in my heart. One day you may have children of your own, and you will see how it becomes hard to be a “good friend” when little people are involved, but I know that even though you do not know my restraints, you understand and accept them, and for that I love you. You are understanding, beautiful, smart, funny, and kind. The one I know I can call upon in my hour of need. I hope that you feel the same. You are my light when my days get dark, the one who can bring me back from the brink. You are my person for now and forever, my sister by all but by blood and my best friend. To the ends of the earth and whatever may follow, my best friend you will always be.

 An open letter to the best friend I never see




  1. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Such a beautiful post!

    I also very much enjoyed your post on the topic of ‘divorce’ .You and your husband have kind hearts to share the happiness and joy with four families. I loved the post and your thoughts. Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017 ahead 🙂 Stay blessed…

  2. ChinUpMom says:

    This is exactly how I feel with my best friend. We have not seen each other in over a year, we barely talk. But it is because we have our own families,but no matter what we are still there when we both need someone. I miss the old times, but I am thankful for the memories.

  3. Savannah (@HowHesRaised) says:

    How wonderful to have a friend like that in your life! You can definitely tell the strength of the bond when the miles and months don’t affect things at all. It’s funny how life takes us all on our own individual paths – thanks for the share! <3

  4. Raine C. S. says:

    I think that you two are lucky to have each other. Having someone who is in the wings supporting you always is more valuable than gold. I think this letter to your friend will be something to look back upon through all the stages of your relationship as a reminder that you’ll always care for and be there for each other. Beautiful, thank you for this glimpse into a special relationship in your life.
    Raine C. S. recently posted…A Promise for TomorrowMy Profile

  5. Ana De-Jesus says:

    That is so beautifully put and it is a mark of a real friendship when it feels like no time has passed when you manage to see each other. Its the same with my best friend, I don’t get to see her often but she is always there for me when I need her most xx

    • Jessi says:

      It really is an amazing thing. We text and talk but it’ll be forever between seeing each other. We are all busy and I have kids, but it always ends up being like nothing changes when we get together.

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